Ryan Socash was born in 1981 in Illinois, USA, having moved many times in his life he describes himself as an American gypsy who believes that everywhere is home. In 2000 he began studying Photography at Columbia College of Chicago. During that time he launched his own audio-visual project called Let Me Introduce You To The End, which combined "ambient rock with contemporary photography". In the year 2000 the band released their first album "The Hands of Hope". During the promo tour the band reached almost every single corner of the US.

Approximately at the same time Ryan was working as an assistant to jazzman William Russo  and the Chicago Jazz Ensemble, who - as Ryan says - to a large extent determined his artistic personality. After the death of his mentor, Socash spent 3 months as the producing director of the ensemble before giving most of his possessions to a homeless shelter and moving to Krakow, Poland. Ryan has 3rd generation Polish heritage, which has been investigated in the video "Death, Heritage and Poland". In 2005 he published his first photo-album titled Times of Growing Grimmer which captured his travels around Poland, New York, and Chicago.

In Poland, Ryan continued working on Let Me Introduce You To The End. With a new lineup, the band released the second audio-visual album called "A Love of The Sea" in 2006. They went on tour around Poland and also visited a few European countries in order to promote their project. Thanks to the cooperation with Czeslaw Mozil on Socash’s next release A voice from the mountain, a renowned Polish musician, Ryan was introduced to a wider audience. Ryan’s most recent record “Of Ghost” features Przemek Myszor of Myslovitz.

From January 2012 to October 2013, Ryan hosted the original radio program “Socash And The Stars" broadcast on Polskie Radio’s external service. It was created with an intention to promote Polish artists abroad, especially in the US. Americans have no idea what contemporary culture in Poland looks like, because they do not have any source from which they would get their knowledge. The point is (...) to show what Poland has to offer, - says Ryan. The first episodes featured bands and musicians such as: Happysad, Myslovitz, Gutek, Julia Marcell, Paula i Karol, Kazik Staszewski and Kult, Akurat, Clean Tone Factory, Grzegorz Markowski and Perfect, Renata Przemyk. The archive of "Socash and the Stars" is available here.

In 2012/2013 Ryan collaborated with Piotr Rogucki and Coma on their debut English album. At the same time he hosted two online programs called "Pollywood" and "Socash" for Poland’s largest web portal, Wirtualna Polska, which gave him a wider recognition in spite of contrast to his artistic ambitions.  Furthermore, in 2013, Ryan hosted a morning Radio show titled Bed And Breakfast, which was broadcasted every weekend both in Polish and English languages by Polskie Radio Czwórka.

In June of 2013 he took the position of the Managing Director of Mediakraft.TV. He hosted series called "Przeżyj to" (Survive it), where he and his colleagues challenged themselves with new and unusual experiences, most famously a trip to Russia in which Ryan illegally visited the closed military city of Baltiysk. In 2015 Ryan have started a YouTube channel Kult America, which presents cultural, social and political aspects of living in Poland from the perspective of an American. Unlike the previous projects of the past decade, Kult America targets a global audience.  The program shows Ryan's travel experiences from different countries, such as Turkey, Ukraine, Germany and Greece. By the end of 2017 the channel crossed 100,000 subscribers.